How does Stan double his ROI within 3 months?


Stan is a business owner. He is very busy and get involved on lots of things in his role.

He needs to manage his sales team, track the expenses on sales and marketing activities, and monitor the return from those activities.

He is bombarded with hundreds of apps, claiming that would help her monitoring or managing the data or information he needs.

But, it is still way to troublesome to keep switching in between platforms to collect information he wants.

One day, Stan finds Korzet.

Korzet helps him to:

1. record his sales and marketing expenses

2. monitor his website online traffics

3. report his returns (revenue, impressions, clicks and customer acquisition etc!)

It just all happens in a single app, Korzet!

Stan is now a super businessman! 

Everything in his company is now under controlled. 

Information he needed are now well organized and well presented. 

He has a clear view on his ROI which allows him to make smart decision and create solid strategy based on real data. 

On top of those, after using Korzet, Stan’s company has doubled his ROI within 3 months!

Stan loves and enjoys his business more than before. 

Korzet is AWESOME!

Korzet is incredible! It helps me to manage my ROI in a single app. Report to me the data and information I need for decision making. It is a real time and money saver! Loving Korzet!

Stanley Ip / Pounce Digital

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